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Episode #1:
Strippers and Straight Jackets

Out of sheer boredom due to the post hurricane curfew and the lack of a cable connection, the guys decide to "initiate" their long time friend Pettivino by strapping him into a straight jacket and requiring him to elicit the help of a complete stranger to be released. While intending to watch on in amusement, Roy and Antonio instead spend half the night finding parking for a couple of intoxicated strippers leaving Pettivino alone as he encounters a variety of French Quarter characters on his quest. Meanwhile, Mitch contends with his ex-girlfriend, Courtney's psychotic expectations of his Myspace profile, and his roommate, Monty, spikes the latte of a Standstill Mime with laxative so that he is no longer capable of standing still. (Go see videos of episode #1)

Episode #2:
Pigeons and Parking Tickets

Antonio gets a part in a movie and needs a ride from Mitch who is distracted by Courtney's request for a key to his apartment, and forgets that he's taken his windshield wipers off of his car to avoid a parking ticket. This leaves them stranded during a downpour in Mid-City where the storm blown street signs have yet to be replaced. Since Monty is busy chasing after a street magician for abusing a pigeon. Their only hope is Roy who claims to be busy working as Harry Connick Jr.'s personal driver. Meanwhile, Pettivino attempts to defrost a box of coco puffs.

Episode #3:
Criminals and Can Openers

The guys are mugged while jogging when Monty realizes the crook doesn't have a real gun. Roy attemps to fix Mitch's security system which draws attention form the military. Antonio is burdened by his visiting model/ girlfriend who's eyes have dried out . Pettivino happens upon an abandoned marajuana garden. Mitch blames Antonio for his missing can opener and for a completely different reason beats him over the head with a hardened loaf of french bread.

Episode #4:
Mimes and Megaphoness

Duckman has a megaphone for sale that Mitch finds enticing but he is dismayed to see that it has been purchased by the Mime. Antonio secretly puts refer seeds in Mitch's potted plants. Courtney tries to order food but the restaurant's only delivery guy is missing. Monty gets an interview on the news about tourism in post-Katrina New Orleans that turns unexpectedly violent.

Episode #5:
Shot Gun Sounds and Solar Power

Roy finds out about a truck full of stolen ipods left abandoned after Katrina and convinces Mitch to organize a plan to "acquire" the truck. Pettivino misunderstands Antonio's instructions about flashlights and equips the team for a rave. The combination of the lack of any electricity within a 60 block radius and nighttime lead to a mistaken identity and a possible abduction of their nemesis, Christof.

Episode #6:
Fire Juggling and Face Paint

Mitch gets mistakenly arrested when he and Rookie Cop pretend to start a dispute about a fire juggling permit to entertain a group of tourists. Antonio and Bruce have to help Mitch escape the squad cop while giving a Mexican construction worker directions. Monty witnesses a crime being committed by a gutter punk on stilts which in turn leaves Mitch and Courtney covered in paint when Roy attacks the construction worker for wearing sheet rock insulation stilts.